All products sold by Autotäht OÜ are covered by a 2-year warranty given by the manufacturer.

The goods ordered by the customer are protected during transport from Autotäht OÜ's warehouse until delivery to the customer under the responsibility of Autotäht OÜ and its logistics partner. Autotäht OÜ guarantees the replacement of tires or the compensation of the cost of the goods in any case concerning the loss or damage of the shipment from the moment of dispatch until the delivery of the goods at the address specified by the customer.

  1. The warranty provided by the manufacturer's factory, mediated by Autotäht OÜ, covers both the material of the product and errors resulting from the production (production process).
  2. The warranty does not cover the following tire damage and cases due to improper use:
    • tires that have been used beyond the tread wear limit
    • tire damage caused by road conditions
    • tire damage that has occurred as a result of accidents (accident, fire, etc.).
    • injuries caused by improper use of tires (incorrect tire pressure, improper crash, unbalanced wheels, broken shock absorbers, car overload, use of chains, nailing, racing, off-road, etc.)
    • repaired and restored tires
    • intentional damage to tires
    • natural tire wear
  3. The sales guarantee is provided by Autotäht OÜ.
  4. The basis for requesting a warranty is that the warranty applicant must submit a statement about the defective product, a copy of the purchase invoice and bring them together with the defective product to the office of Autotäht OÜ at Luha 34 Tallinn 10131 Estonia.
  5. The defective product is subjected to a thorough examination. If the conducted examination proves a material or manufacturing defect, the tire will be repaired, replaced with a new one or financially compensated. Autotäht OÜ mediates the repair, exchange or compensation of goods between the manufacturer and the customer.
  6. In case of disagreement with the result of the expert examination mediated by Autotäht OÜ, the warranty applicant has the option to send the problematic product to an impartial expert. The time of impartial expertise is a maximum of 1 month. The costs of the impartial examination shall be borne by the guarantee applicant.

In addition to the rights arising from the sales guarantee, customers of Autotäht OÜ also have the option of using the rights arising from other valid EV laws. Pursuant to the Law of Obligations Act, Autotäht OÜ takes responsibility for defects that have appeared on the product within two years from the handover of the product to the customer.

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